The burning of 500,000,000 RUC Coins on October 25

Dear Users,

RUSH will burn 500,000,000 RUSH coins on October 25, reducing its Max Supply from 1,000,000,000 to 500,000,000 coins. This measure aims to contribute to the reduction of inflation rates and currency appreciation as a consequence of its reduction in the total supply of currencies in circulation.

Rush is an ERC-20 mintable token from the Ethereum network, so you can have your Max Supply changed whenever necessary to contribute to currency appreciation. To keep track of all RUC details, enter its blockchain address:

This address of the Ethereum blockchain is executed through smart contracts, does not have a corresponding private key, and is non-transferable. Rush, through its blockchain, offers the option of monitoring all of them for any transactions that are made with RUC.

Rush is always pushing for improvements to promote better currency liquidity in the market and consequent higher customer satisfaction.


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